S’zine is relatable and inclusive, conscious and curious. We avoid hype and cut through the noise….”

S’zine is a digital magazine that merges print-style art direction with the immediacy and accessibility of online. It goes beyond the blog post to bring you thoughtful and stimulating content. Each issue is focused on a specific theme, allowing us to dig deep and take a holistic approach to universal topics—encompassing health, beauty, fashion, career, relationships, and more. S’zine is relatable and inclusive, conscious and curious. We avoid hype and cut through the noise, delivering curated recommendations and consulting the experts to arm you with useful tools and solutions. S’zine champions the good stuff: we gravitate towards brands and companies that uphold healthful, ethical, sustainable and philanthropic practices, and are community minded. We’re expansive, not restrictive, advocating self-care in the most maintainable way. We hope you finish each issue of S’zine feeling empowered, inspired, and informed.

Founder & Editor in Chief

A makeup artist with almost 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s leading magazines, brands, models and personalities as well as a contributing editor to print and online publications, Sam Addington found herself consistently being asked, “What have you tried?” “What do you recommend?” “Who do you recommend?” Care of the countless, often deeply personal conversations that she has experienced through her work, Sam has a unique understanding of what pains women, what motivates them, and what they desire—particularly when it comes to health and beauty. Sam is known for a minimalist approach to makeup artistry that emphasizes healthy, glowing skin, and her enthusiasm for holistic wellbeing. She has studied integrative nutrition and continues to research and trial the latest products, modalities and treatments in an effort to continue her personal education, and bring her knowledge to a wider audience via S’zine.

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